Motion graphics and video

Christmas card in motion

An animation instead of a physical Christmas card, as a fun way to give a digital holiday greeting, made in Illustrator and After Effects.


Brand marketing

When working at Zington I made this video as a part of a campaign to gain followers and engagement on social media.

Seasonal recipes

In addition to my role as graphic designer at Adlibris I was head of video production. In those projects I were head of the whole process, from idea to launched video. I worked closely with our Social Media Manager to get the best result adapted for Adlibris social media channels.

For Christmas 2017 we made two videos of seasonal recipes, one for “vegan herring”, from the cookbook Den goda gröna julen by Karoline Jönsson, and one for chocolate truffles, from the book Julgodis by Lena Söderström. Me and our social media manager came up with the idea and I styled, shot and post produced the videos.



Lotta Kühlhorn om nya boken Kulör!

A visit to Lotta Kühlhorns studio where she talked about her book Kulör. The movie was created to promote the book. Idea and production made by me.


A stop motion movie to promote the book sale in 2017. I shot it with help from a couple of colleges and then edited it for the final result.

Grilla på riktigt

A movie for social media to promote the book Grilla på riktigt by Per Ehrlund. I worked closely with our Social Media Manager and we together came up with the interview concept for the video. I created a script and then filmed and edited the video.