About me in short

When I was a kid I wanted to be a glassblower, later on a painter, potter, actress and fashion designer. I have always been curious about why things look the way they do, with an urge to surround myself with artefacts and items i find beautiful or interesting. These days my main interests still includes pottery and painting, but also decorating my home together with my boyfriend and our daughter (although she mostly contributes with tomato stains and toy blocks in unpredictable places). When I got older I realised that the area of design would be the perfect way to get an outlet for my passion for all things visual. Why not combine it with the digital world?

As a designer and art director I thrive best in environments where design, communication and IT meet. There I get the chance to tell a story through different kinds of media, always with aesthetics on the front row. I have experience in UX and graphic design as well as print and video and am comfortable changing between different media. My visual skills in combination with e-commerce experiences and content producer gives me valuable knowledge about the importance of creating for conversion.

In addition, I have created everything from illustrations and logos to engaging content for social media. In my work as a digital designer, I find it equally important to develop pixel-perfect designs as well as keeping up to date with the latest in digital design. 

For questions and job inquiry please contact:

Mikaela Larsson


+4670 7132232